Aerin Lauder has joined forces with Lee Jofa for the second time to create a new tasteful collection.

The enduring theme is sophisticated and feminine, with a bohemian charm: classic Asian prints; vibrant floral and paisley embroideries; a classic brocatelle; ethnic inspired jacquards, and neutral textures that are perfect for pairing.

Aerin for Lee Jofa- Flores Dusk / Blue
Flores Dusk / Blue
Aerin for Lee Jofa - Bosham Black / Brown
Bosham Black / Brown
Sumba Lake
Sumba Lake
 Rouen Greens / Camel
Rouen Greens / Camel
Montagu Barley
Montagu Barley

Alongside the beautifully crafted textiles, they have also introduced wall coverings: a classic leopard design, and a three-panel scenic mural on fine linen created from an 18th-century design.



Aerin for Lee Jofa - Marcel Beige
Marcel Beige
Aerin Lauder for Lee Jofa - Beaujeu GC Petal / Jade B
Beaujeu GC Petal / Jade B
Aerin for Lee Jofa - Beaujeu WP Grey
Beaujeu WP Grey
Aerin for Lee Jofa - Beaujeu WP Multi
Beaujeu WP Multi


Gloria González

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