Directorio Deco by Gloria Gonzalez

A Chic Dental Office by Summer Thornton

Let’s face it, going to the dentist is not the most enjoyable thing to do but, if my dental practice was as beautiful as this one designed by Summer Thornton, then I’ll be more than excited everytime I had an appointment!

Seamos realistas, ir al dentista no es algo que me entusiasme. Ahora bien,  si mi clínica dental fuese igual de bonita que esta diseñada por Summer Thornton. posiblemente daría saltos de alegría cada vez que tuviese que hacer un empaste.








Pictures: Summer Thornton



Extraordinary Rental.

If you  think  a rental home can’t be full of personality or character then I invite you to see today’s blog post.

With the help of Patrick McGrath (the former head of visuals at Giorgio Armani) Real State Broker (and lover of antiques) Jared Seligman, designed this fabulous home while he was looking for a new apartment on New York’s Upper East Side.

This stylish transitional property proves that you don’t have to own a house to make it yours.

rental-2 rental-3 rental-4



Pictures: AD


I’ve been following British brand Fermoie for a while and I must say that I love everything they do. Their fabrics are classic but playful, the colors are so chic and the patterns are just perfect!

Llevo siguiendole la pista a la marca inglesa Fermoie desde hace algún tiempo  y he de reconocer que adoro todo lo hacen. Sus telas son el perfecto balance entre tradicional y contemporáneo y añaden el toque final a cualquier interior.

Fermoie fabrics

Fermoie fabrics Fermoie Fabric

Fermoie Fabrics

Fermoie, York Stripe,


Fermoie- Everything is designed in house and printed traditionally in their factory in England.
Everything is designed in house and printed traditionally in their factory in England.

Fermoie Fabrics

Fermoie Fabrics

Fermoie Fabrics

Fermoie fabrics

Fermoie‘s inspiration lies in the pages of a large portfolio of paint colours that it was given to Tom Helme when he was appointed advisor on decoration to the National Trust. Passed on from Christopher Wall, then historic buildings representative, the portfolio’s sheets and scraps of paint colour had been applied by John Fowler, from whom Tom took over, and kept and collated by Christopher.

Alongside Martin Ephson, Tom is now co-founder of  Fermoie. Tom continues to consult the swatches of colour and strokes of paint which provide inspiration for their own unique method of fabric printing.

The large portfolio of Paint Colors. House & Garden.
Fermoie fabrics and Fowler’s paint colours displayed side by side. House & Garden.
Fermoie Fabric Samples, House & Garden

Fermoie Fabrics


Fermoie fabrics

Fermoie fabrics

Sofa Fermoie Plain Cotton,

“Fermoie’s aim is to capture the life, light and enjoyment of old woven extiles. We print traditionally with a light touch using pigments creating a subtle impression but with the depth of a woven fabric”, Tom Helme, Co-founder


Pictures: Fermoie, House & Garden